Monday, October 14, 2013

humming the Rocky tune as I strut my stuff :)

If you are one of my readers and are friends and family but not really sure about the whole autism thing....this might be a boring look into my life  :)  Or you might...just get an understanding of Nash.

For the last year...we have acknowledged Nash and his more than quirky behavior.  We also have accepted that his quirks have a label....autism.  I personally am reading and studying everything I can get my hands on or lay my eyes on.  I am devouring every word I can get. much slower but in his defense, there are a million reasons why he is behind.  Not to be easy on him....because this war is a win or die kind of thing  :)

he is sooooo cute!

My little boy...that sweet faced a controlling bastard!  Don't get all upset.  I love my son!  But, he is an ass.  He can get (our former behavior therapist, Susan called it) stuck on stupid.  Unless you see it in action and are in-tuned to his just might think he is very dumb.  Or we, as parents, are horribly mean.  But, if you study it more you will see the stupidity....the control.

Why does he do this???  Man...I have no idea.  I saw it coming tonight.  I saw it.  I called it.  I got Hubby to witness it.  Of course then I had to explain the entire deal to Hubby after it was over....but I won!  I refused to let this little man....that cherub face control this house...anymore!

Nash has been controlling every aspect of us, the dogs, our daughter....and this is just how damned smart he is!  It is hard to detect....and then when you see can't believe it!  And is so can't out smart it!

My story..................

At 6:30pm, Nash came out of his bath, all smelling good and looking all cute in his jammies.  He walks over to sit next to me and our dog Charlie is there. (Back story...Charlie is an abused dog that was rescued by me....he is very sweet but very traumatized)  Charlie sits up to say hi to Nash...and Nash punches him.  I stop everything...and tell Nash to apologize to Charlie and to promise to never do this again.  Nash sits down and refuses.  I tell him to apologize now!  He meanly says I'm sorry, then looks at me and Hubby...and says I hate you both.

That's it.  I tell Nash this is unacceptable and he will serve a 15 minute time out.  We have a chair that is set away from us but see-able to watch him while in a time out.  He walks over mumbling how he hates us...saying we can't do this.  He sits.  And then demands that I set the kitchen microwave timer.  As petty as this sounds....I know, this is do or die!

I look over to Hubby and tell him....battle stations.  Oblivion to him  :)

I set my iPhone, so I can watch the time....but not Nash.  Normally, when the timer gets close to his punishment being over....he will self-inflict his own punishment.  Stay in the time out longer...taking control of the punishment.  I have always felt powerless over this.  Everything I do...he ends up controlling and I give up.


At about 2 minutes before the end of his time-out, I tell him it is almost over.  When the alarm sounds, he is to get up from the chair, admit that the time-out is over, sit on the couch and not mention the punishment.  I look to Hubby...I tell or die Buddy!  Get on board.  Shit is hitting the fan!

The timer goes off and Nash refuses to get out of the seat. stuck!  He is stuck on stupid!  He says he is still in a time out and can't leave the seat! friend...battle is on!  I shut off the television and all but one light.  I know...that this is now WAR!  I order him to sit in front of me.  He finally does.  I lay out orders...and he refuses to acknowledge them!  I tell him...he will join us in the living room and watch TV or he will take his pills and go to bed...NOW!

I look to words but the look is...are you backing me up??  I say one more time to Nash, you are NOT in charge, you will do as I say.  You will join us in the living room or take your pills and go to bed!  Nash stands to attempt to hit me.  Hubby stands next to me, showing force!  I say my order again!  Nash finally backs down but Hubby does not move!  YES!  I GIVE HIM THE ORDER AGAIN....HE WAVERS...HE WAVERS.......he starts to back down.  I have him.  His routine, his stuck on stupid will now work in my favor!

I stand, Nash stands...he walks over to his pills.  I am NOT believing what I am seeing.  I stand across from him at the counter.  I say will join us or take your pills and go to bed.

This is it.  Eye to eye!  I do NOT blink!  He holds his pills....and says....I will go to bed but you can't tuck me in!  He takes his pills!  I am victorious!

He walks off...yelling that we need to call security!  CALL SECURITY!  Hubby, right behind him says...Buddy, I am your security!

OMG!  Now...if you don't get autism....then right now, you are thinking...this is one fucked up woman!  But, if you know are hearing the Rocky tune right now!  You can see my arms held up......da da da da da da dat duh!

And yes folks.....I won!

I will get the control back....I will take my house back!  I will not be ruled by autism!

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