Monday, February 8, 2016

Autism and sports

About 2 years ago we came to the conclusion that Nash could no longer play on a regular team sport like baseball, soccer or basketball because of his autism.  When we made this decision.....many parents came to us and said that no one would ever be mean or cruel if he was on their team.  But, we had already had people in the stands say nasty things about Nash when he was more interested in the butterfly and the grass than paying attention to the game.

It was then that one of my posts on Facebook pointed me to Special Olympics.  We were so very grateful because Nash had a place to play sports without the nastiness of causing the team to lose.  We LOVE Special Olympics!  Coach Dave & Mickie are amazing....they do so much to make Special Olympics a great program.

But, we live in a small community so Nash is the only child that participates.  Nash was so excited to have basketball start...he has been practicing his slam dunk, dribbling, making name it.  But, the first day he came home disappointed....for some reason he had in his mind that there would be kids his age.

He wants so desperately to have friends.  The one kid that is his friend in school...comes with baggage.  And its baggage that I really don't want to have to deal with. 

Its heartbreaking to have a child want something so badly that I just can't make happen.

I hate autism!

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