Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sunday...is calendar day

I was interviewed yesterday by my daughter for one of her college classes.

Sophie had to write an interview type article.  She choose me...for various reasons....but, after it was done, I was honored.  Honored because she interviewed me about Sundays and me..

Sundays are my day to sleep in...which is supposed to be a rule but many things happen to keep it from happening.  We talked about why my Sundays are supposed to be for me to relax and prepare for the following week.  She called it controlled relaxation.

Sundays, as soon as I wake up and come out into the house and have my coffee & pill box done, I do our calendars for the week. 

We follow 3 calendars - the family monthly, the family weekly and Nash's weekly.

  • The family monthly calendar sits on the kitchen countertop next to the pencil sharpener, pens, sharpies, and pencils for homework, massive quantities of binder clips & paper clips, post-it notes in many shapes, sizes and and pre-written statements, and the file box that holds everything necessary for school, travel plans and general....it goes there so it can be found later.  
    • Anyone can put anything on this calendar that I need to know.  It can be scrutinized by me and can move onto the weekly calendar if I need it to be.  
      • I do simultaneously run a calendar on my phone too...but that it the jumping off point that everything else runs off of.  Both Lance & Sophie can send me calendar invites on my phone.
  • The family weekly calendar is cemented to the left side of the refrigerator.  It can be seen from all over the house.   It is how I know the week will run.  If it is not on this calendar...it does not exist for me.  
    • If you need me to do anything for you or about you...you better make sure it is on this calendar.
  • The calendar for Nash.  We do not spring anything on Nash if humanly possible.  Nash does not do change or spontaneity.  Autism does not like anything NOT on the calendar.  This also serves as a place where Nash can prepare himself for something...even the fun stuff.  Any change in Nash's routine is a battle.  Field trips or nail trimming are all something to be feared and must be prepared for.
After calendar...its me time for a while.  But, not if Lance is working.  If Lance is home, I get a quieter day because the entertainment of Nash is on him.  Sunday is our one day that does not have a schedule.  This is very difficult for Nash & autism.

Sunday is also laundry day..that did not get washed through out the week.   I will do a couple of loads and leave them in the basket to fold at a time I need to sit and not be bothered.  I like to fold laundry.  I do not like to put away laundry but folding is nice.  But, Sunday is my day to get ALL laundry washed, folded and put away.  I watch one of my shows and fold.

I also try to spend as much time as possible in my studio.  In there is color, fun, the ability to do anything!  Even organizing in there is awesome and calming.

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