Monday, January 25, 2016

Getting back to my blog

If you look will see that I have not written anything in 2 years.  TWO YEARS!

There has been shit happening!

I have had weight loss surgery (9-17-14) and have lost over 100 pounds...and look fabulous!  I will never be a stick figure.  I am happy being a size 18.

I have finally been diagnosed with Polymyalgia.....I know, it sounds so Caribbean or just exotic...and yet, no....IT FREAKIN' SUCKS!  Polymyalgia is the name given when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the same time  :)  I know, you are wishin' it was you!

I have been told by my doctors that I need to relax more because I am not going to handle everything if I don't.  So, I am trying...really to find the balance.

My retired Hubby now works 2 different part time security jobs.  I would tell you here...but, then he would have to shoot me.  He is a very private man...and it drives me nuts but, this is who he is and I will not cross his lines.

My daughter is now an adult.  Really?  That happened so freakin' fast!  I was just changing her diapers.  But, she is now a full-time college student at a local community college.  For years she wanted to be a teacher....I never thought that was a good choice but, it is not my choice.  But, after years of being fascinated by serial killers and all of that....she decided that she would like to be a criminal psychologist.  This, this makes sense.

My son.  He is now 10 years old and in the 4th grade.  We have a pretty good IEP and he is with a wonderful 4th grade teacher and a wonderful group of paraprofessionals and an amazing teacher.  About 9 months ago we changed up his meds to let autism come out and play.  It was not my intent when we sought to take him off the drug that was causing him to gain weight.  I kept asking the psychiatrist why he was getting worse and that was not what was happening.  So, now we get more agitation, interesting stims and other things that I will talk about as we go along.

I would really like to continue writing again.  Just the little bit I have done so far has really eased some stress.  And stress relief or anything else I can find to help me deal with the place I am in now is a good thing.

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