Tuesday, July 30, 2013

back to school shopping

My son.....loves to shop but not for clothing.  He won't try anything on and will only wear certain things.  We shop online for most all of this clothing.

This boy has really grown in the past 2 months!

He has moved from the little boy section to the big boy section.  This....is...going...to...be...a...hard sell!

Nash really is almost 8 years old.....but, mentally is about 3 to 4.  He likes playing with younger kids if they are around and he likes younger things.

The clothes in this new size have characters that my son is not a fan of or doesn't even know.

Can't they make clothing the same in one store for our children.  So that...is my son at the age of 13...wants to wear Superman pajamas, they will be provided, in the same style he is used to.

Sure,,,there are others out there like Nash.

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