Friday, August 2, 2013

have you ever done something for someone...just cuz?

I met this young, adorable couple at my job a couple of weeks a go.  I liked from their first couple of words.  They were little special people you could tell.  They are moving up here from San Diego for the hubby to go to school and learn how to run a backpacking type business.  He was in the war and is using his benefits to go back to school...and found a school that teaches what he wants to do in our community.

They made the decision to move here and the next day...drove up here to find a place to live.  I showed them several houses online and gave them the Mom lecture of where to live and not live, how to be safe, where to eat while in town and...what?  you have no place to stay yet?  They stayed in town a day then went back home.  When in my office I gave them my cell phone number just in case something happened up here and they needed help.

I kind of forgot about them and then....a couple of days ago I got a call at the office from them.  they were going to be here and need to find a house.  They were having a VA award letter faxed to us because they don't have a fax.  Yay!  The cute couple is coming back.

When they arrived in my office....there was a crowd of people in there...but I saw them gleam when they walked in!  My cute couple was back.  We talked I showed them a couple of properties online and had another gal take a look at there application to see what range they should stick too.  And after I asked all the Mom questions about where they were staying...and also about their wedding that just happened.  I asked them if there was anything I could do for them.  Britton, the girl, asked me if I was the owner of the van outside?  I said yes...why?  She said you have an autism magnet on the back of your you do something or are connected to autism in some manner.  I smiled...and showed them my Nash.  I am a Mom of a boy with autism, I told her.

She smiled and said.....I hate to ask but I need to find a job and I work with children with autism.  She told me her credentials,,,and I was in love!  I told them...I am the one you needed to meet!  I know people in this town.  I know I can find you a job!  What can I do?  I called everyone I know and posted something on facebook.  I got that girl leads!

And today, another new tenant came in to move in...she just happens to work in the autism field and they are looking for someone to hire!  Boom!  I texted her the info.  Then she called me back feeling bad.  Tammy, we found a house on Craigs List...not with you.  And I tell her...great!  I hope its the perfect house for them.  And that they now have a friend in Sonora.  I will have them for dinner and introduce them to people that will make life easier.

When I got dinner...I tell my family.  My daughter is always Ms. Negative.  She says "Mom, one of these...those people you always help are going to kill you"  LOL  Really?  She says I do too much for everyone and called me a doo-gooder. 

So, that's not a bad name!  It makes me happy to help people.  And I know...they are sweet kids, just doing that crazy thing we all did.........jump.  Put everything you have and move somewhere you have never been.  Because what have you got to lose?  You have the one you love beside you.  It's you against the world.

Isn't life about paying it forward?  Reaching back and pulling forward?  Doing a kindness because you just can.

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