Monday, August 12, 2013

Buying Miss Pissy Pants behind me coffee!

Sunday....Hubby and I were having a nice "sharing of info" conversation that ended weirdly.  Not badly...just weirdly.  He walked away and I went to bed.  Nothing bad was said......nothing was said. comes Monday morning.

The air feels weird.

I do the whole, shower, hair & face, get dressed and walk down the hall to face the war. 

I say war.  I am the general of this mission.  I set up strategy every minute, every moment I am awake because I never know when a  missile will launch, or a case of friendly fire will occur.  If I am awake....I am the strategist!

Hubby and I have been at odds about food.  Both my kids really only eat ten things.  Seriously!  When we got married many moons ago....he was serious that Sophie would eat anything put on her plate.  As a child that was forced to eat what was prepared or stay up all night until it was eaten...I have issues with it. 

I was always on some strange diet to "not be fat" but meal time was not a pleasant thing growing up.  This where your flaws or frailties were put on display for the other family members to rip it and you apart.  This is where punishments were doled out, grades were discussed and reprimands for anything from how you smell, anything you did or didn't do at any time to someones pissed and you crying will make me feel better.

So, I don't like to talk at meal time nor do I like to discuss anything  that will cause pain.  So, my kids picky eating....I just don't address unless forced to.  Hubby...wants our children to be more adventurous about food.  It's hard to be adventurous with 10 items on your menu.

So, we came to odds last night.  Not a fight....just a.....I am not fighting your fight.  I refuse.  You have deal with them.  You have my blessing but I will be on the sidelines of this one.

So, this a fool....I asked how he felt and if we were at odds???  He said no....but...

No....but....means yes!

I ended up leaving for work....very....pissy!

I get in my lovely van...and blast Maroon 5.  I am tapping my fingers and enjoying the vibrations.....I am starting to feel a little better. 

I get to the Starbucks drive thru and wait.  I crawl along....and when I was a second late to move.  The old lady behind me honks.  Then honks 2 more times.  WTF?  I look in my rear view mirror to see an older lady looking like she is having a really crappy day.  I watch her...and she honks one more time.  Really?  There is no place for me to go!  I have 3 people in front of me!  I am thinking...I can throw my bad ass mini van in park and go back and rip her up!  The more I think about it, the better I am feeling.  We move up again...and again another honk.  I look back again and this time....I am getting her!  Then the car in front of me pulls out and I am at the window.

Its cute red headed Wes!  He is adorable and he asks...are you having a good Monday?  I look at him and say no!  And neither is Miss Pissy Pants in the car behind me!  He looks out at the old lady and says yeah, she is always crabby!

That does it...lets really give her something to be crabby about!  I buy her coffee!  I tell Wes that Miss Pissy Pants coffee is on me today!  That'll teach her!  That will turn that frown upside down!

Instantly...I am no longer pissy because I took the air out of someone else's pissy balloon.  Now....I am smiling!  I did a good thing....and maybe made someones day...or ruined their reason to be pissy! 

I love when a good deed can be good and a little evil  :)

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