Friday, September 13, 2013

I can breathe....for a while

My last post was about how our life has turned.  Life has been very sucky....really sucky.  I was raised in chaos....and I hate not knowing my next step.  And this past several weeks have been a wait and see kind of YUCK!

We had an official diagnosis of autism on August 19th but the report didn't come for 10 days.

Then we got the report but would not hear from the agency if they would take my son on, for 10 more days.

Nash started school on August 21st and went to school for 3 days...then we had the Rim Fire.  School was closed for a week.  Then school opened again........and we had another set of first day yuckies and worried that it could happen again.

Our school hired a new special education K-3 teacher over the Summer.  She quit right before school started.  Who does that???

The school was right on it and now 3 weeks later...we have a teacher.

We have an IEP in place...but not for autism.  So, waiting to get the autism IEP in place with the new teacher was making me crazed.

I was supposed to wait until next Monday....but this morning...after I dropped off my son in his classroom.....I stopped and introduced myself to her.  Luckily, the temporary teacher that had been subbing was there and the special ed teacher for the older grades introduced me to her.  And she was able to confirm that I can have my IEP this coming Thursday.

Woo Hoo! 

Now, is that going to make a HUGE difference in our lives.  Nope, it will be more change.  But, its a move forward.

And we are going to get some services from the a couple of weeks.

And we are filing for disability for our son.....sad but really....necessary.

I am breathing.

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