Saturday, May 25, 2013

Autism...and Disneyland. Really? What the HELL was I thinking!

We have had a pretty crappy year.

  1. Hubby retired and we took a bigger financial hit than we thought
  2. my business closed because of Hubby's retirement
  3. our son is diagnosed with Autism
  4. every one ended up in therapy!
  5. and the not even half over  :)
So, we needed a family bonding vacation.  We needed fun!  We needed no one else but just teh four of us.  We needed Disneyland!

Most people who know about Autism...told us this was not the year for Disneyland.  We said...oh, it won't be that bad. more than Hubby....said...they don't know what they are talking about. all know what you are talking about....and now I get it!

We got thru the first leg our our Disneyland trip.  We always stay at our timeshare wherever we go WorldMark by Wyndham  We have been owners for 6 years and nothing is like staying at WorldMark!

The condo was amazing and so was our first day in California Adventures!

As you can see...we had a ball!

But, Disneyland.....was packed with Grad Night kids, band kids.....oh, it was AWFUL!  So bad in fact, I called and complained to Disneyland and they are returning our tickets to us.  So, very awesome!

But, it was exhausting! 

No, this is not the vacation I had hoped for.

But, we now have something to laugh at ourselves over...and time...just be drunk!  that way we won't care  :)

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  1. Lol! Yes... May and June (at least the beginning) are bad for parents with ANY type of kids. We have so many schools attending Grad Night, it's insane. Glad to see you still had a good time. WONDERFUL photos!