Monday, June 24, 2013

Do you schmooze for what you need???

We are new to the spectrum.  Yes, we are the late comers to this lovely change....a child on the spectrum.

As I have said before...I always knew the boy was weird.  My little odd fellow, Nash.  And on October 22, rained!  And that day...our life changed.  Was it him?  Or me?  Was he always more than weird and I didn't choose to see it.  Or was he just odd....and the rain woke him up to his life???

I have no fucking idea!

Anyway, when it happened....I was all over it!  I have the ability to perform amazing feats when necessary.  I know enough people really to be dangerous.  I know enough people in the right places that when this shift happened...I was able to get answers and get people to listen to me rather quickly.

From October 22 to December 3...Nash went from a very solemn, very active, very odd, rarely a problem child to a child on medications for ADHD with full knowledge that the spectrum is there...just not sure where.

By the 1st of January I was reading everything I could get my hands on and had Nash in therapy to figure out "what the fuck?"  I had the ear of our pediatrician, a therapist, the school counselor, the principal, the special education department of our school and parents in our community that had answers and other connections.

On February 28, we finally were able to get into to see a psycho-pharmacologist neurologist in Walnut Creek and did not accept our insurance but would be willing to see us for $600 and would provide us with a diagnosis and meds.  Because at this beautiful, quiet but active boy had become violent!  And I was the focus of his rage.  I was scared!

On February 28, I had also served the school with a formal request for an IEP.  I never knew I could ask for one.  They gave me SST meetings but nothing else.  And never told me I could ask for this.  Even tho I was talking to people in the was not laid right out for me.  I was told by the school I had to have a diagnosis to even talk to anyone about asking for help.  And I was asking for help and a diagnosis.

It was before this that I was recommended a woman to see.  I had talked to her on the phone after many well connected people made introductions thru secret doorways on my behalf.  I spoke to her on the phone one evening.  She scared the crap outta me!  I made arrangements to meet her at my office because a Monday holiday was here and no one (was supposed to be) would be at work.  LOL  They were all at work!  But before our supposed meeting...the more I thought about her...the more of a whack job I thought she was.  And I had to pay her cash because we had private insurance and she only accepts medi-cal.  I decided to NOT meet with her and cancelled our meeting.  She never picked up her message...showed up at my office and met everyone I work with.  They hated her!  I later talked to other professionals that explained why she is the way she is and we met again.  I loved her!  And I still see her and pay her cash for her help.  Altho...we are negotiating trading her services for timeshare points with our WorldMark timeshare.  She loves WorldMark  :)  WorldMark by Wyndham

So, back to February 28th.  I walked out of the psycho-pharmacologist neurologist in Walnut Creek's office with a full diagnosis of ADHD, PDD-NOS and the possibility of more and a prescription for a medicine that will make him not so mean!  Best money spent!  SWEAR!

Since then....we have weekly sessions with our behavior specialist, we have our own local psychiatrist that has changed Nash's diagnosis to Autism, ADHD and anxiety.  We have tweaked the meds and added more for sleep...because my kids don't sleep and Nash does not know how to self-sooth.  We have also added a marriage therapist for me & Hubby, single therapy for me and single therapy for Hubby (ok, 1 session....but that was hard to get him to agree to).  And a successful IEP meeting on May 2nd.  I have also gotten myself appointed to the Community Action Committee for SELPA and will see what other stuff I can get myself into.  Because I schmooze and I get what I want and what I need.

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