Saturday, June 22, 2013

the joy of sleeplessness

My kids don't sleep well. 

Heck...I don't sleep well.  Never have in my entire life!

Last Hubby left after we put Nash to bed to take a 9 day trip up to Washington & Oregon to see his daughters, son-in-law and grand-kids.  I have been preparing Nash for the event making calendars to track when it would happen and a calendar that started today so that he will know when Dad will be coming home.

I did not think leaving after we put Nash to bed was a good idea because he didn't see him leave.  But, I was assured by Hubby that it would be fine. 

Why am I always right.

About 1am....Nash woke up and came to me in bed.  "Mom, can we cuddle?"  Sure, climb in. 

He had a million questions.  Am I sure Dad left?  Where is Dad now?  Is he there yet?  Why hasn't he called?  Why did he leave?  Is he coming back?  I answered every question and rubbed his back.  His anxiety was very high!

I would dose off and on between the questions and concerns that Nash had.  I would ask if he was ready to go to bed...and he would reply nope.  Finally at 3:30am...I am exhausted!  I need to sleep.  I tell him he will be fine in his own bed...let's go. 

I get him tucked in, kissed all over his little face and assure him again that Dad is just driving and we will talk to him in the morning.


I piddle on Facebook and shop a little and decide...I have GOT TO SLEEP!

I take a pain pill because I ache all over and eventually fall asleep.

5am....Nash is by my side.  Very upset and worried.  Even tho I told him to go to sleep...he did not.  He laid in bed and watched a movie on his DVD player.....this his therapist thinks is a good idea.  I fought it for a while...but, I do get to sleep when he is watching a movie.  I get him into bed..rub is little back and talk away his worries.

By 6am...he is still concerned about Dad and wondering where he is.  We call.  I put Nash on speaker because he does not like to have the phone touch him.  We get dad on the phone and fine that he is still about 1 1/2 hours from Portland.  He has pulled over a couple of times to rest.  Nash now feels better and is less worried.  We say good bye.

Mom...if I can watch a movie in here with can sleep.  Sure Buddy...why not!  He gets his Kindle because it has his current fav...Toy Story 2.  This is a good one because I have it memorized so when I need to comment...I can in my sleep  :)

When the movie is done....I say its time to get ready for the day and kick the boy out so I can shower.  Then I get our 9 days organized so that we can function while balancing work for me, 1/2 day camp for Nash and Middle College for Sophie all week.

I would like to say this is going to be a breeze...but it won't be.

This is my first Summer that I have worked at a real job.  That Sophie has a life and not my "beck & call" babysitter and Nash is only in 1/2 day camp because Hubby was supposed to be around.  So, it should be an interesting week and if I can do it....I TOTALLY ROCK!

So, here's hoping that Nash stays in bed tonight.  I had to threaten him...because...damn...I am freakin' tired!

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