Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ribbon Necklace with a little Origami Owl

the entire double ribbon necklace with Origami Owl charms, locket and dangles

When I first heard about Origami Owl....I was entranced!  I wanted to sell it.  But, life happened and I needed to stop doing direct sales and focus my energy on my family.  So, I kind of forgot about it.

The other night...I went on to Facebook and one of my friends, Andrea, was hosting an Origami Owl online party.  I jumped over and was drooling!  Hubby and I are in a interesting time in our marriage and when I am needing soothing...I shop!  And I did.  And...I don't regret the purchase at all!


I have been wearing my necklace every moment and showing it off to all of my friends.  I even booked my own party that ends on July 3rd  Tammy's Facebook Origami Owl party!

Today...we are having a heat wave!  I took the kids down the hill to Target and it was 110!  OMG!  I was sweating and my daughter said "Mom....your neck is green!"   Well, I have always only been able to wear 18 ct gold or better or my skin rots.  And that was going on today.  ICK!

Anyway...I love my necklace and want more.  So, what to do???

I got out my jewelry making stuff and found some cute go with anything ribbon....and made this fabulous necklace to hold my locket and dangles!  It was so cute...even my teenage daughter said "Mom, you should post it on Pinterest".  I almost fell over dead!

All you need is ribbon, ribbon pinch crimps, a couple of lobster clips, some O-rings and boom!  Total beauty that won't turn green!  Hoot!  Hoot!

close up of dangles, charms & locket

ribbon pinch clasps and lobster clip

my ribbon  :)
 It was so easy!

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