Tuesday, June 18, 2013

filling out MORE paperwork for an intake interview for services

One of the things I am finding now that all I do it fill out paperwork for Nash, Nash's teacher's, Nash's doctors, psychiatrists and now for possible services....................I should have a rubber stamp made of this info!

Unlike my 1st child, Sophie.  I documented everything with her life.  I even added pages to her baby book to talk more about every little thing she did and when...and save it to memorialize at a later date.  I had nothing better to do.  I was crazy.  I was widowed.  And I had nothing else to do but Sophie.

Nash.  The day Nash was born...I was in labor for over 28 hours.  An damn it...it was hard labor for the last 5 hours!  I pushed like no one had EVER pushed to get that boy outta me!  They even convinced me to get on my feet, and hold on to the back of the lifted up bed....squat and push!  Yeah...if you know me...this picture....is....horrible!

The boy was stuck!

I asked for the vacuum to suck him out!  I asked for forceps to pull him out.  HE WAS STUCK!

Because of the pre-eclampsia...I was SUPER swollen!  And they had to now do a c-section.  Nope...no saddle block for me.  I was going to have my baby boy with a general anesthesia.  So, I wasn't even there for the birth...no one was!

They cut the boy out....took him to father and family....and eventually I woke up and they presented him to me.  With thoughts of a change up...since the boy was a red head....I'd swear...there was a mistake!

I was assured by all involved that this kid was mine.  But, because I was NOT there at his birth...I have a hard time remembering his birth weight, length and time of birth.  I know....terrible Mom!

So now..............................I have to fill out paper work asking all of this information and I don't just know it!  I did not do a baby book for Nash.  I scrapbooked his little life.  So, there is not one page that has every piece of his information....its on hundreds of pieces of scrapbook paper in many albums.

So tonight...I went thru Sophie's babybook and looked up stuff and then thought back to when Nash did that....because they were polar opposites.

So, one day I am going to have to go back and recreate a babybook for Nash.  Because he did everything at a weird time.  I hate paper work!

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  1. Ugh. I hate paperwork, too! I didn't do baby books for each of my kids, but... I did end up creating "cheat sheets" with all that information, so I simply pull it out of my master file when it's needed, and copy it down. Hope it helps!