Sunday, June 9, 2013

school changes to Summer vacation

and no....Nash is not a change lovin' kid!

I never had a clue that Nash was autistic....but I always knew this kid was weird!  But now....that we's like duh!  How did we NOT know?

This week was the last day of school and Hubby's first time experiencing the joy this brings  :)  I always dreaded Summer.  Why?  Other than the was all the crap I had to deal with with my kids. 

We don't like change.


But, I have learned over the years to accommodate and keep Nash moving the first week.  I warned Hubby that this week sucked.  But, really could not explain why...but just assured was awful!

The first day...Thursday.  I got phone calls and text messages of craziness.  I was at work.  And since we had a missing co-worker.....I was picking up some extra hours.  And...don't tell Hubby....but enjoying that I was NOT home!  When I came home on Thursday afternoon...I found a package from Amazon on my bed.....with words written on the box.

In my Hubby's handwriting...I am going to bug you until I get what I want.  I am going to bug you until I get what I want.  Over and over.  I smiled...then got concerned.  My daughter came in and asked if Dad was alright?  I looked at the box and said...nope...he isn't.  And...where is Dad?  Sophie didn't know.

I looked around the house and could see...there had been something going on.

In minutes...Hubby pulls up.  Nash comes in 1st with a handle full of money and declares....this is NOT my money!  Hubby then comes in...looking very tired and very stressed out.  He is talking in crazy circles and then I remember when I was home with Nash. 

I knew.  Someone opened the door and let crazy in!

I tried to talk to Hubby....but he was DONE!  So, I went in to talk to Nash.  In his way...I found out that someone got stuck on stupid and drove Daddy crazy.  And did everything he knew not kill the boy.

Nash broke his favorite chair this morning....and it was all he could talk about.  But, he threw away the chair.  And honestly...has not used the chair in a very long time.  So, it went on...Daddy didn't get it, Nash was stuck...and crazy ensued  :)

Daddy fed crazy all day.

Nash can't unstick himself.  Boy...can that boy focus on a subject!  It was a very long day at my house. 

I may not know the rules to this game...but I have played it many times.  I couldn't explain the game to Hubby but was able to tell him how to stand firm and not get sucked in. 

Like in the "Godfather" movies.

This isn't personal....this is business.
And the business is Autism.


  1. Just here contemplating how to ease into summer (dread! dread!) - thanks for the sisterhood ;)

  2. I'm here in summer, too. And my hubs doesn't understand my dislike of summer, either. I don't work during summer, as my job is in the school district, as well, but it takes away MY scheduling! Mom needs a regular schedule, too. Totally here for you.