Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pinterest organization! YES!

I am an organizing queen!

Yes, I am!  <meta name="p:domain_verify" content="2c093e502cba7cc3ad0b01600af45b31"/>


I always had a calendar and papers on the corner of my counter.  Everything was it was not like I was NOT organized.  But, when I knew people were coming over...I always hid the corner.  I would gather it up and put it in a drawer.  If I was taking a photo...I would crop out that area.

Then the other day...while had a brain dead moment at work....I clicked on Pinterest.  I cruised around and saw this!

I owned a file box like this!

I had file folders!

OMG!  This is a Pinterest pin I have to do!

Do you love Pinterest??  I do...altho I do forget it's there sometimes and try to go it alone.  Then...I remember...Pinterest!  I love Pinterest!

So, this morning....after I got my other stuff was corner time!  

But, I was out of medium sized clips and I needed a calendar because I always use a calendar that goes by the school year...and it will end this month.  So, off to Staples!

Have you seen the Martha Stewart section of Staples???  I do believe it is heaven!  

So, I found the perfect sized calendar for the front of my file box.  And it was a lovely blue that matched the colors of the file box.  AND it was on sale!  

Then I looked for the clips....I am hooked on these.  I use them all the time!  They are great to decorate with paper or just ink.  They are great photo holders...and note holders.  So, found them!  

And because I wanted to have a fresh start on tabs...that all matched!

I got home and threw everything on the table....and cleaned everything thing out.  Moved everything pertinent from the old calendar to the new.  Emptied sad, old paperwork that was not necessary to the garbage and put new stuff in.  Made nice tabs to find everything....and....

Botta bing, Botta boom......

Here it is!

It is so awesome!

In the original Pinterest post...she had her notebook standing up in the back.  I do not have a notebook...I have a file packet for tax receipts.

Normally, I would have to lift a pile off my see my calendar.  But now.....It's AWESOME!


  1. Completely awesome! I checked out yours and the original. Not bad. I'm thinking... I'm for sure gonna do it! Not until next paycheck, but YEAH! Mine's going to be Coca-Cola themed, since that's my kitchen (and most of the house...) theme. Thank you so much for posting this. Glad it worked out for you! Visiting from Mama Kat.

  2. Martha Steward has a section at STAPLES?? I MUST VISIT! This turned out fantastic!

    1. MUST see the Martha Stewart section! It's awesome!