Wednesday, April 17, 2013

and now....a little more

This has been a very rough week for Nash, our son.

On February 27, 2013....I figured out the game the school has to play with parents about how to get your child services.  I really thought...they would be open and forth right about what is available and could help me figure out just what the HELL is going on with my son.

No, that is not their job.  Not that they are being mean or specifically targeting me and my child...nope, this is the way the game is played.  I had asked for help in the beginning of the year and was given an SST meeting.  So, not even close to help.  Just a hand pat.  Then was told if you get a diagnosis....maybe we can help you.

I was jumping do you get a diagnosis???  I am not familiar with these terms nor am I aware of what I need.  Help me please.

Then I spoke to just the right person who informed me that all I have to do is ask in the right way.  Use the correct names on my request and ...wallah...I get an IEP.

So we are scheduled for an IEP on May 2nd.  I am scared and nervous.  I got a call last night from the speech therapist.  She was calling because she was afraid she was not going to be able to be able to get me her report 1 week in advance of our meeting.  She has never had parents ask for the records 1 week ahead of time so that I could be prepared!  Wow....I wrote a damned good letter!

I have school psychologists, speech therapist, special ed teachers and others jumping!  And is my son cooperative???  NO way!  He is an anxiety mess!

And now...for the past 3 days...we have had major melt downs daily!  MAJOR MELT DOWNS!  And now I get it....he is being pulled out of class daily by people he does NOT know, to do things he hates and all while he is figuring out...that he is different. poor little man.

This afternoon...anything that could go wrong at home...did.  It got so bad that Hubby had to walk out and cool off while I got stuck with the beast that is TOTALLY pissed off because we want him to do his homework....and both of us are sitting at the table to help.  We didn't figure it out until, how stupid are we?!?!?!  We totally overwhelmed the little guy.

In the midst of the chaos...I got hit several times, had to hold him down for a period of time....all while cooking dinner.  Because damn...I am good like that!  And more than this....I got him off his cliff of doom and managed him to sit and eat dinner at the table...with the rest of us!  OK...where is my high five for this????

This really is going to be a one day at a time thing...maybe even 1 minute at a time thing.

Stay tuned....


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  1. High five to you! Yes. It should not be a game, but... unfortunately it is. I'm so glad I could help my friend through the process and tell her the magical words to use. Isn't it crazy how it suddenly changes? the atmosphere? the attitudes? Happy you are finding your way.