Friday, April 26, 2013

the crashing mirror

Nash has one of those mirrors on the back of his door.  It's always been there.  When he was little he loved to look in it...but's useless.

Since he has become violent in his rages....he hits things...he likes to hit me and his door.  When he hits the door...we take off the door.  The door has taken a lot of abuse.  Me too...but we are talking about the door  :)

Hubby and I have talked about removing the mirror...but have not done it.

Last night at 11pm....CRASH!

I am not sure of the sound...but I heard Nash screaming in panic from his room.  I run in...of course I am groggy because I took a major sleeping pill before bed....but run the best I can.  Try to open the door...and it won't open more than about 6 inches.  I keep trying to open the door.  Nash is screaming for help.  I can not figure out why the door won't open.  I yell at Nash to come to the door and help me open it.  He is in a panic and afraid of the dark.  I am panicking because...I can't get my son!

I reach around the door to feel...why?  Nothing!  I push more.  Nothing!  Then I feel the back of the mirror. I hit the ground.  I find the mirror.  It is wedged between the door and the dresser.  I call out for Hubby....but as always...Hubby is asleep!  I ask...beg Nash to please help me.  Finally what feels like hours of CHAOS....I manage to get the mirror...rig it so that the more I lift.....the more I can open the door.

Finally I am in!

Nash is in full panic, covered in sweat....mode!  He is crying...I am now crying because I was days!  DAYS!  OK...I exaggerate....but you were NOT there!

So, I finally get my son out...I get the mirror and cus it out!  Tell Nash to now hit the mirror for being so bad.  And folks...this was the end of our sleep!

Nash was in full panic all night.    Was the mirror going to make the sound again....No!  Can we snuggle....of course honey.  Mommy's never need sleep.  We worried and talked about the situation...all night.  Finally at 4am...I convinced him to go to bed because I am exhausted and I have to go to work.  So, he sits in his room...asking me from far away...if the noise will happen again.

Did I sleep???  Nope.

I struggle thru work today.  

Then at 3:30, I get a call from Sophie...she would like to go out with friends.  And Mom, can you chauffeur everyone?  To the play, and then pick us up at 10pm and drive us home?  And can I have a sleep over with my best friend?  

I finally get home from chauffeur duties when Nash is awake a panic!  So, we talk...I rub his feet...and I am now...hopelessly awake!  WTF?  I get him back to bed.  

And even tho I told Hubby...he was doing Nash tonight...even when we were snuggling and talking in MY BED.  Hubby was snoring and would reach over...and pat a dog.  

I am tired...very tired!  And I know...tonight is not a night to sleep.


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  1. No, they don't. They think they do and think they can do just as good of a job as we do, but... in the end, there's no way. I know you're tired, but... you're doing a fantastic job.