Monday, April 22, 2013

M&M' this is not too hard!

For the last week and a half...every one and their dog it is doing testing and assessment for Nash in preparation for his upcoming IEP appointment on May 2nd.

Every day I can tell his routine has been severely messed with because he comes a bear looking for a fight.  And with who????  me! 

Today was another nightmare.  If I said black...he said white.

When he had gone thru all of his minutes of Big Bang Theory and every other reward.  I sat down on the bed and talked to him.  He was REALLY MAD!

He is tired of being pulled out of class all the time!  He says he doesn't mind when he has to go to the bathroom or to see Ms. Flowerdew.  But, he HATES seeing Miss Susie, the speech therapist.  She only gives him stupid toys from her magic chest for good work and she is in he scary part of the school...with the 5th graders.  Nash asks...why doesn't she give him M&M's???

And I ask myself...why DOESN'T she give him M&M's, I bought everyone that interacts with my son...M&M's for the testing & assessment period.  WTF?

I ask Nash...would you like Miss Susie to give you M&M's or just stop pulling you out of class.  He said ...out., I wrote a formal letter to everyone in the school to have them stop the testing and make the assessment on the information that has been gathered and that's it.

Then while talking...Nash asks...why?  Why are they doing all of this stuff to him?  Why?

So, here it is.  I explain that Mommy had to go thru tests when I was younger because my brain worked differently just like his.  And we have brains that people have to test to see how we learn.  He asked if Daddy asked for these tests too?  And I said no..this way he can have one parent who is not doing this stuff to him.

He said he is tired of being pulled out and being different.  I told him he is not different...he just has a brain that works differently...better.

Man...I bawled for a long time with that one.  This sucks!



  1. Did you ever find out why the speech therapist didn't give him M&M's? So sad Nash had to feel that way. I know it bites for all of you.

    1. HI Lisa! So glad you like my blog! Love the support you offer! The speech therapist didn't use M&M's because she thought her treasure box of "Crap" was far superior and more thought out than my tried & true M&M's. She will never work with my son again.