Saturday, April 20, 2013

baseball Saturday

Our day started early...Nash...never a sleeper is always up early.  But Saturday!

So, in our world it is....
  • Nash walks with Dad to McDonald's and they have breakfast together
  • Mom tries to sleep more
  • grocery shopping with Nash
  • because even tho grocery shopping is hard with him, its our routine
    • we go 8am so we get there before the real crazy people shop up
  • then Sophie and I go to a Children's Fair to get any info on our community that I might not know
  • Go to Nash's baseball game
    • it was a long game!
    • No matter how much you think he is in it...he is not
  • then rush home, drop off kids
  • meet with our behavior therapist for more lessons in how to deal with our new world
  • home to study the lessons we have been given
  • make dinner
  • work on 3, 2, 1 ....done for behavior management
    • we now have to carry poker chips with us all the time for rewards
    • working on having more control in our house
    • Nash is the one controlling it all right now
    • practice and make fun....3, 2, 1 ....done
    • chips all around!
  • Nash lost 5 minutes of Big Bang Theory and 5 minutes earlier to bed because he was controlling the door being NOT opened
  • I give up with dental hygiene tonight because really...I am NOT dying on this mountain
  • get Nash in everything the same way
  • say good night,  I love you...muuhhhaa
  • close the door and walk to MY bed and lay down for a few minutes
  • thank God for another day that we made it
    • and I love my son!
  • Sit with Hubby to have a conversation because this is the only time we can talk without being monitored by Nash
  • agree and get on the same page with each other
  • watch TV and eat ice cream until Hubby falls asleep
Our life has always been controlled by Nash....but we just looked at it as making our life easier.  And now that he is getting worse....we are really being controlled so much so that I feel like I am chocking most of the time.

Our behavior therapist says we will soon get control of our lives and home.  I am hopeful but not optimistic.

I was told to download and read....
First 100 Days Kit
© 2008 Autism Speaks Inc. Autism Speaks and Autism Speaks It's Time To Listen & Design are trademarks owned by Autism Speaks
Inc. All rights reserved.
A tool kit to assist families in getting the
critical information they need in the first 100
days after an autism diagnosis.

It is a couple of hundred pages.  I got it all printed out and 3 hole punched and put in a binder.  Because as much as I refer my Hubby things to read.  I have learned he will only read things that come in book form....he does not like to read anything on the Kindle or the computer.

If you are interested in or have a diagnosis of Autism in your family...go to Autism Speaks

I am reading as fast as I can...because I am already at 51 days and just starting!

Stay tuned!


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  1. I wish so many of the parents of the children I've worked with had read and researched as much as you have. It would make the classroom aspect so much easier, as well. Teachers, advisors, and parents... it's all a TEAM effort (Together Encouraging A Mind).